The overlapping themes of collecting and patterning include accumulation, arrangement, obsession, and preciousness. The marks used in these paintings are small and intricate: they amass and are organized in a particular fashion, which is neurotically repeated. The nature of the marks alludes to the physical traits of the objects that are collected and represented. The unique order of marks and their compulsive repetition speak to the stringent way collections are displayed and the obsessive nature of collecting.

My work examines themes of collecting and patterning by imbedding the petite, and lustrous objects from my personal collection into a pattern of my own design. The objects include vintage perfume bottles, murano glass animals, cut crystal vials, hand blown Egyptian perfume bottles, and antique Chinese snuff bottles. To be collected the object must break up light in an exciting way, have a distinctive shape, be small in stature, and have a complex design or decoration.

I draw on the characteristics of the objects to create the pattern for each painting. I then imbed the object into the pattern, which creates disruptions. The disruptions in the pattern are not immediately apparent. Under further scrutiny it becomes evident that there are mistakes in the patterns and gesso drips on the panel sides, evidence of the hand, of being imperfect, human. These disruptions and mistakes are meant to remind the viewer that the search for perfection that is inherent in the act of collecting, and patterning is unobtainable.